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Lighted Nocks will be Acceptable; Other By-law Changes Passed

Will go in effect August 1, 2014

TO:  Pope and Young Club Members,

Standard lighted nocks and bow-mounted cameras will be exempted from the "no electronics attached to the bow or arrow" rule, as a result of changes to the Club's By-laws that had passed a vote of the Board of Directors and passed ratification by the voting membership.

Since the late 1980s, the Club has had bowhunting equipment definitions and a Rule of Fair Chase that addresses electronic devices. Among other things, those stated "no electronics attached to the bow or arrow." This is part of the Club's By-laws constitution and governs the acceptability of animals for entry into the Club's Records Program ("the record book").

The significant change, the result of much internal discussion/debate over many years. Go to the Pope and Young Website for more information

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