Previous Awards Banquet

Our 2014 Awards banquet was a huge success! Once again, we filled the house with enthusiastic deer hunters who were treated to an incredible display of the finest whitetails harvested in the northeast in 2013. Fabulous food, incredible mounts, entertaining stories, lucky raffle winners and huge bargains on auctioned hunt destinations were just some of the highlights from last year’s event. Awards were given to the largest deer from each state from the northeast taken with various weapons. We also recognized the finest bucks harvested by women, teens and seniors.

A few highlights from the 2014 event include three new state records shot in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Joe Scioli broke the non-typical archery record with a massive 200 1/8 in buck shot in MA.  Marty French broke the NJ muzzleloader typical record with his 171 7/8 deer and Darren Gugliemelli claimed the new record with his 175 3/8 non-typical bow entry. 

At the end of the ceremony, we gave out 2 special awards for the largest typical and non-typical to be harvested in the northeast from the previous season (Jeff Brown/Bob Fontaine Award). Named after the the Northeast Big Buck Club founders, the JBBF Award is the highest honor any deer entry can receive in our organization. The largest typical was entered by Scott Thurston (MA, bow, 187 1/8) and the largest non-typical was shot by Michael Duck (PA, gun, 211 5/8). 

Besides an incredible amount of hunting merchandise on the raffle table, we auctioned, raffled or gave away 25 incredible hunts and fishing trips to destinations all around the world including a dove hunt in Argentina for 5 hunters, an African Safari for 4, a moose hunt in Newfoundland, an elk hunt in Idaho, many deer and bear hunts, multiple fishing trips and more! 

Plans are well under way for the 2015 Awards banquet. Don't miss out on the largest and most impressive whitetail event in the northeast!

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