Passing of Everett R. Brown

Created by David D. LeVasseur 12 Jul 2014 @ 16:51
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NBBC Loses A Loved One

It is with heavy sadden hearts that the officers of the Northeast Outdoors Foundation and the Northeast Big Buck Club are having to make this announcement. We have lost our beloved friend Everett R. Brown this morning. He died peacefully at home with several of his family members at his side through the past few days. Everett had been extremely sick for the past month, he fought hard and had good spirits to the end.

We do not have funeral arrangements as of yet, but will share when we get them.

Everett for those of you that only knew him buy name and maybe not who he was. Everett is our Co-Founder Jeff Brown, father. Everett first became a member on February 10, 1997 which led him to become a measurer on March 21, 1998. In 2007, when Jeff started to distribute some of the files he maintained since inception, Everett and I became a vital role in the organization with Everett taking on the role of our Members Chairman and myself as the Records Chairman with us taking full reins on January 1, 2008.

Over the past six and one-half years I have worked with Everett very closely to maintain our files to upmost accuracy. I can truly say it was a pleasure, he had a way of breaking the ice when we were stressed as we often did during our busy time of the year (January thru July) as this is the time when we do most of our scoring and our annual banquet.

Everett was an inspiration to many of us in the club, he was very knowledgable and wanted to be part of this great organization that many of us call family. If you have ever had the pleasure of talking to Everett over the phone or in person, you were easily drawn to him as he could carry on a great conversation with anyone. 

One of Everett's last wishes was to make a donation to the scholarship fund we have been discussing over the past few years. It is the first donation toward this cause, and we will be naming it the Everett R. Brown Memorial Scholarship.

Everett and I always had a special saying when we would update our files with each other as many times there would be a lot of changes or additions. "Have Fun"

So my Friend "Have Fun", you will be missed.

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