Sunday Bowhunting in MA Passes House

Created by Jeff Brown 08 Jun 2014 @ 10:00
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The following is from the MA  State House News Service

BOSTON - The House on Wednesday passed a bill partially lifting the state’s ban on Sunday hunting by allowing the use of bow and arrows during the last three months of year, which is deer hunting season.

The bill (H 4114) was approved on a voice vote Wednesday night after a session focused on a $1.7 billion environmental bond package. The House rejected an amendment to the bill from Rep. Tim Madden (D-Nantucket) allowing any city or town to opt out of the law by sending a certified letter to the director of the fisheries and wildlife.

The Sunday Hunting Coalition supports the bill, while the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals opposes it. The Sunday Hunting Coalition estimates that legalizing Sunday hunting in Massachusetts could lead to the direct and indirect creation of more than 500 new jobs and $51 million in economic activity by keeping hunters from traveling to neighboring states like New York, Rhode Island and New Hampshire where Sunday hunting is legal.


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Patriot Ledger and are reporting this. We will keep an eye open for any further info, but right now it looks like there will be Sunday bowhunting in MA this year. We will keep you all posted.