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Created by Jeff Brown 06 May 2014 @ 07:45
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An NBBC Member (Dan Wolff)  recently launched a new company selling an innovative tick removal tool. We love to support our members, so please review the attached press release information, and the product video on YouTube. 


State of the Art TickEase Now Available

Massachusetts Company Announces Launch of Dual Sided Tick Removal Device


May 5, 2014 Dan Wolff



Waltham, MA – TickEase, Inc., a Massachusetts based company, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly developed patent pending tick removal device. TickEase is the only dual sided tool allowing for thorough removal of ticks from people and pets.

TickEase consists of thin-tipped tweezers ideal for removing small ticks at one end, and a slotted scoop designed for removing larger ticks at the other.

Exposure to ticks and tick-borne illnesses is ever increasing. Efforts to mitigate the impact on public health are critically important. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over 300,000 individuals are diagnosed with Lyme Disease annually. Protecting your family members and pets from tick-borne diseases is imperative. Prompt and proper removal of a tick may lessen the occurrence of infection.

“As a deer management professional, tick prevention specialist, father and dog owner I know all too well the risk from exposure to tick bites. Prompt and proper removal of a tick is extremely important,” Dan Wolff inventor of TickEase shared. “The TickEase tool is the only dual sided remover that allows you to completely remove ticks of any size from people and pets. And complete removal is highly recommended.”

“There are more ticks in more places than ever before. And more tick-transmitted disease too,” stated Thomas Mather, PhD Professor & Director of TickEncounter Resource Center. “It is critically important to educate and equip people to take appropriate tick bite preventative actions.”

TickEase is available now, and will be at national and regional retailers soon. One can order online at www.buytickease.com. To learn more about tick-borne illnesses and the risk in your area please visit www.tickencounter.org.


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